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We are the only One Stop SEO Solution in the world which is simple because we will handle from start to end, specially design for everyone.

We using Microsoft Analysis Services to processed 36,426 posts/reviews and generated 4,299,738 indexes as of December 2017. With this 4 million indexes we builded 32,438 grouping/categories/online magazines hosted on Microsoft Azure. All these data is updated daily using Microsoft Technologies.

We Are the best

Many of our clients do not get good result on TV, Radio, Brochures, Flyers, Newspapers, Magazines, Catalogues, Internet Advertisement and Corporate Websites.

Our clients experience getting more real buyer from Google. Our technique is transparent because we using Microsoft Azure online platform which client always can view it and we not require to alter and disturb client online site or content. We only focus on building more quality and more quantity of Google search results and divert traffic to your business using Microsoft Technologies. Our data is growly massively everyday and we least worry because we using Microsoft Azure (Cloud Computing) it have very high scalability. This is what Google like the most.

Services We provide

Real buyer can found your business more easily on Google. No hassle to think what keyword, selling point and content to use for your business. Increase your corporate websites ranking on Google by driving more traffic to it. We also can divert traffic to your E-Commerce Site, Facebook page, Ads, Youtube Video and etc.


We know how Google works. We can demo diferences before and after done SEO on Google because we have one huge system builded using Microsoft Technology and running for 3 years. We also help you to monitor the traffic from Google. Some of our clients did not even know having 0 clicks from Google on their websites.


We using right channel to market your business because we only link your business to related categories. For example client business is on Naza Ria workshop and his business link only appear on categories related to Naza Ria and car workshop.


We will research on what keyword and selling point to use. Using real time Analysis Services from Microsoft. Client do not have to spend time creating content. We also help client research on what categories to build on Google. We using intelligence system to process huge amount of data, find out the trend and provide client this kind of data.

Client Approach Us

Having Website
Having Facebook Page
Having E-Commerce Website
Having Google Ads

Some Recent Project

We have created more than 10,000 Google search results for all our of clients.

Thanks Ai Corporation
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Vetoong Technology Sdn. Bhd.
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Eco Tree Deco Sdn. Bhd.
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Kim Soon Crane Services
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Terato Motor Sport
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Parties N Sweets
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CYS Cool Air Conditional
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Lievre Rouge Malaysia
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Our Team Members

Most of our team members already learn SEO for almost 3 years.

Adrian Choo


Diron Ho

Senior SEO Engineer

Fenny Vun

Sales Manager

Latest Sales Activities

We believe we can cultivate a better world.

1 November 2017

Thanksai Grand Opening on Taiwan - First Taiwan Client

Thanksai is from Japan. We proudly to present our SEO solution to this Mr. Lucky. We meet him when he is in Malaysia preparing for the Thanksai launching in Malaysia on 2018

After we present, he very confident on our SEO solution able to help him promote on Google. If the preformance is good, he going to invest to do SEO for his own country Thanksai Taiwan.

18 October 2017

Hong Kong Project on Preliminary Research Stage

Jijo Collect is our first Hong Kong Clients who specialize on clothes manufacturing.

We also helping Jijo Collect to apply the keyword or implement SEO on their own websites develop using WIX.

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2 October 2017

Visit Vetoong Technology Factory

Vetoong sign up for Advance Packages MYR 5,000. We went to their factory to do preliminary research on what keywords that suit this business.

Hoping to find the correct channel or traffic direction from Google.

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